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  Dictionary Definition of poll

poll [1]
1. the registering of votes, as at an election.
2. the voting at an election.
3. the number of votes cast.
4. the numerical result of the voting.
5. an enumeration or a list of individuals, as for purposes of taxing or voting.
6. ( usually plural ) the place where votes are taken.
7. poll tax.
8. a person or individual in a number or list.
9. an analysis of public opinion on a subject, usually by selective sampling.
10. the head, especially the part of it on which the hair grows.
11. the back of the head.
12. the broad end or face of a hammer.
-- verb (t)
13. to receive at the polls, as votes.
14. to enrol in a list or register, as for purposes of taxing or voting.
15. to take or register the votes of, as persons.
16. to deposit or cast at the polls, as a vote.
17. to bring to the polls, as voters.
18. to cut off or cut short the hair, etc., of (a person, etc.); crop; clip; shear.
19. to cut off or cut short (hair, etc.).
20. to cut off the top of (a tree, etc.); pollard.
21. to cut off or cut short the horns of (cattle).
-- verb (i)
22. to vote at the polls; give one's vote.
23. (of a political candidate) to attract votes in an election: the Labor candidate polled better than the Liberal.
-- adjective
24. (of cattle) bred to have no horns.
-- phrase
25. go to the polls, a. to call an election, especially as a means of resolving a political issue. b. to vote at an election.
[ME pol ( le ), c. MD and LG polle. Cf. d. Swed. pull crown of the head, Dan. puld ]
-- pollable, adjective