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  Dictionary Definition of ply

ply [1]
verb ( plied, plying )

-- verb (t)
1. to use; employ busily, or work with or at: to ply the needle.
2. to carry on, practise, or pursue: to ply a trade.
3. to treat with something repeatedly applied: I plied the fire with fresh fuel.
4. to assail persistently: to ply horses with a whip.
5. to supply with something pressingly offered: to ply a person with drink.
6. to address persistently or importunately, as with questions, solicitations, etc.; importune.
7. to traverse (a river, etc.), especially on regular trips.
-- verb (i)
8. to travel or run regularly over a fixed course or between certain places, as a boat, a stage, etc.
9. to perform one's or its work or office busily or steadily: to ply with the oars.
10. to pursue or direct the course, on the water or otherwise.
11. Nautical to make way windward by tacking.
12. Nautical to make regular voyages between certain ports.
[ME plye ( n ), aphetic var. of ME aplye ( n ) APPLY ]