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  Dictionary Definition of plate

noun River, an estuary on the south-eastern coast of South America between Argentina and Uruguay, formed by the rivers Uruguay and Paraná; British naval victory over the Germans, 1939. About 298 km. Spanish, Plata.
plate [1]
noun, verb, plated, plating.

-- noun
1. a shallow, usually circular dish, now usually of earthenware or porcelain, from which food is eaten.
2. a service of food for one person at the table.
3. an entire course: a cold plate.
4. a plate of sandwiches, cakes, etc., prepared and brought to a party or similar social occasion: please bring a plate.
5. domestic dishes, utensils, etc., of gold or silver.
6. a dish, as of metal or wood, used for collecting offerings in a church, etc.
7. a thin, flat sheet or piece of metal or other material, especially of uniform thickness.
8. metal in such sheets.
9. a flat, polished piece of metal on which something may be or is engraved.
10. a sheet of metal for printing from, formed by stereotyping or electrotyping a page of type, or metal or plastic formed by moulding, etching, or photographic development.
11. a printed impression from such a piece, or from some similar piece, as a woodcut.
12. such a piece engraved to print from.
13. a full-page inserted illustration forming part of a book.
14. plated metallic ware.
15. wrought metal, or a piece of it, used in making armour.
16. armour composed of such pieces.
17. Dentistry a piece of metal, vulcanite, or plastic substance, with artificial teeth attached, to replace lost or missing natural teeth.
18. Baseball the home base, at which the batter stands and which he or she must return to and touch, after running round the bases, in order to score a run.
19. ® plate glass.
20. Photography a sensitised sheet of glass, metal, film, etc., on which to take a photograph or make a reproduction by photography.
21. Anatomy, Zoology, etc. a platelike part, structure, or organ.
22. US Electronics the anode of a radio valve.
23. Electricity an electrode in an accumulator.
24. Architecture a timber laid horizontally, as in a wall, to receive the ends of other timbers.
25. Geology one of a number of major areas of the earth's crust, the boundaries of which are generally ocean ridges or deep trenches; each plate is capable of moving as a rigid unit.
26. a gold or silver cup or the like, or guaranteed prize money, awarded as a prize in horseracing, etc.
27. a horserace or other contest for such a prize.
28. a light metal shoe, as worn by a horse in a race.
29. ® plate rail.
-- verb (t)
30. \p