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  Dictionary Definition of pit

pit [1]
1. a hole or cavity in the ground.
2. a covered or concealed excavation in the ground to serve as a trap; pitfall.
3. Mining a. an excavation made in digging for some mineral deposit. b. the shaft of a coalmine. c. the mine itself.
4. a sunken area in the floor of a garage used for the inspection of vehicles from below.
5. a hole in the ground used for any of various purposes, as disposal of waste, burning charcoal, making silage, etc.
6. sawpit.
7. a hollow or indentation in a surface.
8. a natural hollow or depression in the body: the pit of the stomach.
9. a small depressed scar such as one of those left on the skin after smallpox.
10. an enclosure for combats, as of dogs or cocks.
11. that part of the floor of an exchange devoted to a special kind of business: the grain pit.
12. (in a theatre) a. the ground floor of the auditorium. b. the part of the ground floor behind the stalls. c. the persons occupying this section.
13. Athletics an area, typically slightly sunken and filled with sand, which softens the fall of a long jumper, high jumper, etc.
14. any of the stalls beside the motor-racing track in which competing cars undergo running repairs, are refuelled, etc., during a race.
15. Botany a thin place in a cell wall affording communication with another cell.
-- verb ( pitted, pitting )
-- verb (t)
16. to mark with pits or depressions.
17. to place or bury in a pit.
18. to set in active opposition, as one against another.
19. to set (animals) in a pit or enclosure to fight.
-- verb (i)
20. to become marked with pits or depressions.
21. Pathology to retain for a time the mark of pressure by the finger, etc., as the skin.
-- phrase
22. the pit, the abode of evil spirits and lost souls; hell, or a part of it.
23. the pits, Colloquial the most unpleasant or most obnoxious (place, circumstance, condition, etc.).
[ME and OE pytt, from L puteus well, pit, shaft]