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  Dictionary Definition of pig

pig [1]
1. an omnivorous non-ruminant mammal of the family Suidae, suborder Artiodactyla and order Ungulata; a sow, hog, or boar; a swine. Cf. hog.
2. a young swine, of either sex, bred for slaughter.
3. the flesh of swine; pork.
4. Colloquial a person or animal of piggish character or habit.
5. Colloquial ( derogatory ) a police officer.
6. Rugby Union Colloquial a forward.
7. Metallurgy a. an oblong mass of metal that has been run while still molten into a mould of sand or the like, especially such a mass of iron from a blast furnace; an ingot. b. one of the moulds for such masses of metal. c. metal in the form of such masses.
8. an object that is placed in a pipeline and is propelled through by liquid or gas pressure from behind to clean it out or check its internal working.
-- verb (i) ( pigged, pigging )
9. to bring forth pigs.
-- phrase
10. a pig in a poke, something purchased without inspection.
11. home on the pig's back, Colloquial sucessful by an easy margin.
12. make a pig of oneself or pig oneself, to over-indulge oneself, as by eating too much.
13. pig it, Colloquial to live, lie, etc., as if in a pigsty; live in squalor.
14. pig out, Colloquial (often followed by on ) to eat a great deal, especially of very appetising food.
15. pigs! or pig's arse! or pig's bum!, Colloquial (an exclamation of contempt, derision, denial, etc.).
[ME pigge, OE picg (in pic ( g )- bred pig-bread, mast). Cf. D big young pig]