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  Dictionary Definition of past

verb Rare.
1. past participle and occasional past tense of pass.
-- adjective
2. gone by in time.
3. belonging to, or having existed or occurred in time previous to this.
4. gone by just before the present time; just passed: the past year.
5. ago.
6. having served a term in an office: past president.
7. Grammar designating a tense, or other verb formation or construction, which refers to events or states in time gone by. For example, in the sentence It happened last year, happened is in the past tense.
-- noun
8. the time gone by: far back in the past.
9. the events of that time: to forget the past.
10. a past history, life, career, etc.: a glorious past.
11. a past career which is kept concealed: a woman with a past.
12. Grammar a. the past tense, as he ate, he smoked. b. another verb formation or construction with past meaning. c. a form therein.
-- adverb
13. so as to pass by or beyond; by: the troops marched past.
-- preposition
14. beyond in time; after: past noon.
15. beyond in position; farther on than: the house past the church.
16. beyond in amount, number, etc.
17. beyond the reach, scope, influence, or power of: past belief.
[see PASS, verb ]