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  Dictionary Definition of paddle

paddle [1]

-- noun
1. a short oar held in the hands (not resting in the rowlock) and used especially for propelling canoes.
2. one of the broad boards on the circumference of a paddlewheel; a float.
3. a paddlewheel.
4. one of the similar projecting blades by means of which a waterwheel is turned.
5. an adjustable shutter that lets waters into or out of a lock, reservoir, or the like.
6. a flipper or limb of a penguin, turtle, whale, etc.
7. any of various implements used for beating, stirring, mixing, etc.
8. the act of paddling.
-- verb ( paddled, paddling )
-- verb (i)
9. to propel a canoe or the like by using a paddle.
10. to row lightly or gently with oars.
11. to move by means of paddlewheels, as a steamer.
-- verb (t)
12. to propel (a canoe, etc.) with a paddle.
13. to stir.
14. US Colloquial to beat with or as with a paddle; spank.
15. to convey by paddling, as in a canoe.
-- phrase
16. paddle one's own canoe, to act independently.
[origin obscure]
-- paddler, noun