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  Dictionary Definition of pad

pad [1]

-- noun
1. a cushion-like mass of some soft material, for comfort, protection, or stuffing.
2. a guard for the leg, containing padding and stiffeners, as worn by those batting and wicketkeeping in cricket, goalkeeping in hockey, etc.
3. a cushion used as a saddle; saddle of leather and padding without a tree.
4. Also, writing pad. a number of sheets of paper held together at the edge to form a tablet.
5. a soft ink-soaked block of absorbent material for inking a rubber stamp.
6. one of the cushion-like protuberances on the underside of the feet of dogs, foxes, and some other animals.
7. the foot of a fox or other beast of the chase.
8. Zoology a pulvillus, as on the tarsus or foot of an insect.
9. the large floating leaf of the waterlily.
10. a device built into a road surface by which, in passing over them, vehicles actuate changes of traffic lights.
11. a. Aerospace launching pad. b. Aeronautics a smallish area set aside for helicopter or STOL use.
12. Colloquial a dwelling, especially a single room, compatible with an alternative lifestyle.
13. Colloquial a bedroom.
14. Colloquial a bed.
-- verb (t) ( padded, padding )
15. to furnish, protect, fill out, or stuff with a pad or padding.
16. to expand (writing or speech) with unnecessary words or matter.
[special uses of obs. pad bundle to lie on, ? b. PACK1 and BED ]
-- padder, noun