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  Dictionary Definition of out

1. forth from, away from, or not in a place, position, state, etc.: out of order.
2. away from one's home, country, etc.: to set out on a journey.
3. into the open: to go out for a walk.
4. to exhaustion, extinction, or conclusion; to the end; so as to finish or exhaust or be exhausted; so as to bring to naught or render useless: to pump out a well.
5. to or at an end or conclusion: to fight it out.
6. no longer or not burning or furnishing light; extinguished: the lamp went out.
7. not in vogue or fashion: that style has gone out.
8. into or in public notice or knowledge: the book came out in May.
9. seeking openly and energetically to do or have: to try out for the team.
10. into or in society: a young girl who came out last season.
11. not in present or personal possession or use; let for hire, or placed at interest: let out for a year.
12. on strike: the miners are coming out.
13. so as to project or extend: to stretch out.
14. into or in existence, activity, or outward manifestation: fever broke out.
15. from a state of composure, satisfaction, or harmony: to feel put out.
16. in or into a state of confusion, vexation, dispute, variance, or unfriendliness: to fall out about trifles.
17. from a number, stock, or store: to pick out.
18. aloud or loudly: to call out.
19. with completeness or effectiveness: to fit out.
20. thoroughly; completely; entirely.
21. so as to make illegible or indecipherable: to paint out, ink out.
-- adjective
22. torn or worn into holes, as clothing: his trousers were out at the knees.
23. incorrect or inaccurate: to be out in one's calculations.
24. at a pecuniary loss: to be out by ten dollars.
25. unconscious; senseless: the boxer was out for about five minutes.
26. finished; ended: before the month is out.
27. Tennis, etc. beyond the boundary lines: the umpire declared the ball out.
28. Cricket, etc. (of a batter) removed from play by being bowled, l.b.w., stumped, caught, or run out, etc.
29. external; exterior; outer.
30. outlying.
31. Theatre up (of flown scenery).
-- preposition
32. out or forth from: out the d