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  Dictionary Definition of other

1. additional or further: he and one other person.
2. different or distinct from the one or ones mentioned or implied: in some other city.
3. being the remaining one of two or more: the other hand.
4. (with plural nouns) being the remaining ones of a number: the other men.
5. former: men of other days.
-- pronoun
6. the other one: each praises the other.
7. another person or thing.
8. some person or thing else: some day or other.
-- adverb
9. otherwise.
-- phrase
10. every other, every alternate: a meeting every other week.
11. one's other half, Colloquial one's spouse.
12. other than, different from in nature or kind: I would not have him other than he is.
13. the other day ; the other night, a day (night, etc.) or two ago.
14. the other half, Colloquial either of the two classes into which society is divided, the rich or the poor (but especially the poor): see how the other half lives.
15. the other side, a. Spiritualism the place where the spirits of dead people reside. b. NZ Colloquial Australia.
[ME; OE other, c. G ander; akin to Skt antara ]
-- otherness, noun