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  Dictionary Definition of open

1. not shut, as a door, gate, etc.
2. not closed, covered, or shut up, as a house, box, drawer, etc.
3. not enclosed as by barriers, as a space.
4. that may be entered, used, shared, competed for, etc., by all: an open session; open competition.
5. (of shops, etc.) ready to do business; ready to admit members of the public.
6. (of a court hearing, etc.) able to be attended by members of the public or the press.
7. (often followed by to ) accessible or available: the only course still open.
8. unfilled, as a position.
9. not engaged, as time.
10. without prohibition as to hunting or fishing: open season.
11. US Colloquial without legal restrictions, or not enforcing legal restrictions, as to saloons, gambling places, etc.: an open town.
12. undecided, as a question.
13. liable or subject to: open to question.
14. having no cover, roof, etc.: an open boat.
15. not covered or protected; exposed or bare: to lay open internal parts with a knife.
16. unobstructed, as a passage, country, stretch of water, view, etc.
17. free from ice: open water in arctic regions.
18. free from frost; mild or moderate: an open winter.
19. exposed to general view or knowledge; existing, carried on, etc., without concealment: open disregard of rules.
20. acting publicly or without concealment, as a person.
21. unreserved, candid, or frank, as persons or their speech, aspect, etc.: an open face.
22. having openings or apertures: open ranks.
23. perforated or porous: an open texture.
24. expanded, extended, or spread out: an open newspaper.
25. generous, liberal, or bounteous: to give with an open hand.
26. Printing a. (of type) in outline form. b. widely spaced or leaded, as printed matter.
27. not yet balanced or adjusted, as an account.
28. (of a cheque) uncrossed.
29. Music a. (of an organ pipe) not closed at the far end. b. (of a string) not stopped by a finger. c. (of a note) produced by such a pipe or string or, on a wind instrument, without the aid of a slide, key, etc.
30. Nautical free from fog.
31. not constipated, as the bowels.
32. Phonetics a. pronounced with a relatively large opening above the tongu