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  Dictionary Definition of one

1. being a single unit or individual, rather than two or more; a single: one apple.
2. being a person, thing, or individual instance of a number of kind indicated: one member of the party.
3. some (day, etc., in the future): you will see him one day.
4. single through union, agreement, or harmony: all were of one mind.
5. of a single kind, nature or character; the same: all our pomp of yesterday is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
6. a certain (often used in naming a person otherwise unknown or undescribed): one John Smith was chosen.
7. a particular (day, night, time, etc. in the past): one evening last week.
8. a unique or specially remarkable person or thing: the one man we can rely on.
-- noun
9. the first and lowest whole number, or a symbol, as 1, or I, representing it; unity.
10. a unit; a single person or thing: to come one at a time.
11. an unusual person; character: he's a one.
-- pronoun
12. a person or thing of number or kind indicated or understood: one of the poets.
13. ( in certain pronominal combinations ) a person unless definitely specified otherwise: every one.
14. ( with a defining clause or other qualifying words ) a person, or a personified being or agency: the evil one.
15. a person indefinitely; anyone: as good as one would desire.
16. a person of the speaker's kind: to press one's own claims.
17. (to avoid repetition) a person or thing of the kind just mentioned: the portraits are fine ones.
-- phrase
18. all one, ( used predicatively ) all the same, as in character, meaning, consequence, etc.: it's all one to me.
19. at one, (often followed by with ) in a state of unity, agreement, or accord: hearts at one.
20. be one of a kind, to be unique; be exceptional.
21. get it in one ; guess it in one ; have it in one, Colloquial to hit on the correct answer, attain a goal, etc., at one's first attempt.
22. have one for the road ; have one for the bitumen, Colloquial to have an alcoholic drink before departing, ostensibly to sustain one through a journey.
23. one and all, everybody.
24. one by one, singly and in succession.
25. one to one ; one on one, (of two people) just between or involving each other: to talk one to one\p