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  Dictionary Definition of nut

1. a dry fruit consisting of an edible kernel or meat enclosed in a woody or leathery shell.
2. the kernel itself.
3. Botany a hard, indehiscent, one-seeded fruit, as the chestnut or the acorn.
4. any of various devices or parts supposed in some way to resemble a nut.
5. a small lump of coal.
6. NZ. a small lump of kauri resin.
7. a small, hard biscuit.
8. Colloquial the head.
9. Colloquial an enthusiast.
10. Colloquial a foolish or eccentric person.
11. Colloquial an insane person.
12. a perforated block (usu. of metal) with an internal thread or female screw, used to screw on the end of a bolt, etc.
13. (in musical instruments of the violin type) a. the ledge, as of ebony, at the upper end of the fingerboard, over which the strings pass. b. the movable piece at the lower end of the bow, by means of which the hairs may be slackened or tightened.
14. Colloquial a testicle.
15. Printing en.
-- verb (i) ( nutted, nutting )
16. to look for or gather nuts.
-- adjective
17. made of or denoting the wood of any nut-bearing tree, as walnut, hickory, etc.
-- phrase
18. do one's nut, Colloquial to be very angry, anxious, or upset.
19. do one's nuts over, Colloquial to become infatuated with.
20. hard nut to crack, a. a difficult question, undertaking, or problem. b. a person who is difficult to convince, understand, or know.
21. nut out, to think out; solve (a problem, a plan of action, etc.).
22. off one's nut, Colloquial a. mad; insane. b. crazy; foolish.
23. work one's nut, to scheme.
[ME nute, OE hnutu, c. G Nuss ]
-- nutlike, adjective