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  Dictionary Definition of now

1. at the present time or moment: he is here now.
2. (more emphatically) immediately or at once: now or never.
3. at this time or juncture in some period under consideration or in some course of proceedings described: the case now passes to the jury.
4. at the time or moment only just past: I saw him just now in the street.
5. in these present times; nowadays.
6. in the present or existing circumstances; as matters stand.
7. (often used as a preliminary word before some statement, question, or the like): now, what does he mean?
8. (to strengthen a command, entreaty, or the like): come, now, stop that!
-- conjunction
9. now that; since, or seeing that.
-- noun
10. the present time or moment: the here and now.
-- phrase
11. now and again ; now and then, occasionally.
12. now that, inasmuch as.
13. now, now!, (an expression used to reprove or placate someone.)
[ME; OE nu, c. Icel. and Goth. nu ]