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  Dictionary Definition of nod

verb ( nodded, nodding )

-- verb (i)
1. to make a slight, quick inclination of the head, as in assent, greeting, command, etc.
2. to let the head fall forwards with a sudden, involuntary movement when sleepy.
3. to grow careless, inattentive, or dull.
4. (of trees, flowers, plumes, etc.) to droop, bend, or incline with a swaying motion.
-- verb (t)
5. to incline (the head) in a short, quick movement, as of assent, greeting, etc.
6. to express or signify by such a movement of the head: to nod assent.
7. to summon, bring, or send by a nod of the head.
8. to incline or cause to lean or sway.
9. Soccer to head (the ball) with a quick, downward movement.
-- noun
10. a short, quick inclination of the head, as in assent, greeting, command, or drowsiness.
11. a bending or swaying movement of anything.
12. a nap.
-- phrase
13. get the nod, Colloquial a. to gain approval or permission. b. to get unofficial assurance of a job, position, etc.
14. give the nod to, Colloquial a. to permit. b. to make a signal to.
15. nod off, Colloquial to go to sleep.
16. nod one's head, Prison Colloquial to plead guilty.
17. on the nod, Colloquial on credit.
18. the land of nod, sleep.
[ME; origin obscure; def. 18: a pun on the biblical placename land of Nod (Gen. 4:16)]
-- nodder, noun