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  Dictionary Definition of new

1. of recent origin or production, or having only lately come or been brought into being: a new book.
2. of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time; novel.
3. having only lately or only now come into knowledge: a new chemical element.
4. recently arrived: New Australians.
5. having only lately come to a position, status, etc.: a new minister.
6. coming or occurring afresh; further; additional: new gains.
7. fresh or unused: a new sheet.
8. different and better, physically or morally: the operation made a new man of him.
9. other than the former or the old: a new era.
10. being the later or latest of two or more things of the same kind: the New Testament
11. (of a language) in its latest known period, especially as a living language at the present time: New Latin.
-- adverb
12. recently or lately.
13. freshly; anew or afresh.
-- noun
14. something new.
-- phrase
15. new to, a. unfamiliar or strange: ideas new to us. b. unaccustomed: people new to such work.
[ME and OE newe, c. G neu, L novus, Greek néos ]
-- newness, noun