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  Dictionary Definition of need

1. a case or instance in which some necessity or want exists; a requirement: to meet the needs of the occasion.
2. urgent want, as of something requisite: he has no need of your kindness.
3. necessity arising from the circumstances of a case: there is no need to worry.
4. a situation or time of difficulty; exigency: a friend in need.
5. a condition marked by the lack of something requisite: the need for leadership.
6. destitution; extreme poverty.
-- verb (t)
7. to have need of; require: to need money.
-- verb (i)
8. to be necessary: there needs no apology.
9. (usually in negatives and questions) to be under a necessity (fol. by an infinitive, in certain cases without to ), as in they need not go ; need I drink this?; in the 3rd person sing. the form is need, not needs as in he need not go.
10. to be in need or want.
-- phrase
11. need like a hole in the head, Colloquial to be severely inconvenienced or distressed by.
[ME nede, d. OE ned; replacing ME nud ( e ), OE nyd, nied; akin to G Not ]
-- needer, noun