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  Dictionary Definition of mob

1. a. a large number, especially of people: there was a mob of people in the streets to see the procession. b. a group of people, as friends, not necessarily large: we'll invite the mob over for Saturday night.
2. a collection of animals: a mob of sheep.
3. a disorderly, riotous or destructive group of people: the mob packed the presidential palace.
4. the common mass of people; the populace or multitude.
5. an Aboriginal tribe or community; a group of Aborigines: the Big River mob.
-- adjective
6. of, relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for a mob: mob violence, mob oratory.
-- verb (t) ( mobbed, mobbing )
7. to crowd around tumultuously: the pop star was mobbed by his fans at the airport.
8. to surround and attack with riotous violence: the peasants mobbed the coach, destroying it.
-- phrase
9. a big mob, a. a large number. b. a great amount.
10. mobs of, Colloquial lots of: mobs of mashed potato.
[short for L mobile vulgus the movable (i.e., excitable) common people]
-- mobber, noun -- mobbish, adjective