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  Dictionary Definition of mix

verb ( mixed or mixt, mixing )

-- verb (t)
1. to put together (substances or things, or one substance or thing with another) in one mass or assemblage with more or less thorough diffusion of the constituent elements among one another.
2. Also, mix up. to put together indiscriminately or confusedly.
3. to combine, unite, or join: to mix business and pleasure.
4. to put in as an added element or ingredient: to mix a little baking powder into the flour.
5. to form by combining ingredients: to mix a cake ; to mix mortar.
6. to crossbreed.
7. to put together (the separate tracks of a recording).
-- verb (i)
8. to become mixed: oil and water will not mix.
9. to associate, as in company.
10. to be crossbred, or of mixed breeding.
-- noun
11. a mixing, or a mixed condition; a mixture.
12. a commercially prepared blend of ingredients to which it is only necessary to add liquid and stir, before baking, cooking, serving, etc.
13. a recording made by combining tracks separately recorded in a mixer.
-- phrase
14. mix and match, to interchange items of clothing with others to create new and pleasing combinations.
15. mix it, Colloquial (often followed by with ) to fight vigorously, as with the fists.
16. mix one's drinks, to drink a range of alcoholic liquors indiscriminately, usually resulting in a hangover.
17. mix up, to confuse completely.
18. mix up in, to involve in.
19. mix with, to associate socially with.
[backformation from mixt mixed, from F mixte, from L mixtus, pp.]
noun Tom, 1880--1940, US Western film actor and director.