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  Dictionary Definition of mate

mate [1]
1. one joined with another in any pair.
2. a counterpart.
3. husband or wife.
4. one of a pair of mated animals.
5. a. a habitual associate; comrade; friend; intimate: they've been good mates from way back. b. (a form of address amongst men): how are you going, mate?
6. an officer of a merchant vessel who ranks below the captain or master (called first mate, second mate, etc., when there are more than one on a ship.
7. an assistant to a tradesperson.
8. Archaic. a suitable associate.
-- verb ( mated, mating )
-- verb (t)
9. to join as a mate or as mates.
10. to match or marry.
11. to pair, as animals.
12. to join suitably, as two things.
13. to treat as comparable, as one thing with another.
-- verb (i)
14. to associate as a mate or as mates.
15. to marry.
16. to pair.
17. to consort; keep company.
18. (of animals) to copulate.
-- phrase
19. be mates with, to be good friends with.
[ME, from MLG, var. of gemate; akin to OE gemetta sharer of food, guest. See MEAT ]