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  Dictionary Definition of mad

adjective ( madder, maddest )
1. disordered in intellect; insane.
2. Colloquial moved by anger.
3. (of wind, etc.) furious in violence.
4. (of animals) a. abnormally furious: a mad bull. b. affected with rabies; rabid: a mad dog.
5. wildly excited; frantic: mad haste.
6. senselessly foolish or imprudent: a mad scheme.
7. wild with eagerness or desire; infatuated: to be mad about someone.
8. wildly gay or merry: to have a mad time.
-- phrase
9. like mad, a. in the manner of a madman. b. with great haste, impetuosity, or enthusiasm.
10. mad as a cut snake or mad as a meat axe, Colloquial a. insane; crazy. b. very angry.
[ME mad, madd ( e ), OE gemęd ( d ), gemęded, pp. of a verb derived from OE gemad mad, c. OHG gameit foolish]