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  Dictionary Definition of low

noun Sir David Alexander Cecil, 1891--1963, British political cartoonist, born in NZ; first became noted for his work in the Sydney Bulletin 1911--19.
low [1]
1. situated or occurring not far above the ground, floor, or base: a low shelf.
2. not far above the horizon, as a heavenly body.
3. lying or being below the general level: low ground.
4. Printing (of type or blocks) below the level of the forme surface.
5. designating or relating to regions near the sea level or sea as opposed to highland or inland regions: Low Countries.
6. prostrate or dead: to lay someone low.
7. profound or deep, as a bow.
8. (of a garment) low-necked.
9. of small extent upwards, or not high or tall: low walls.
10. rising but slightly from a surface: low relief.
11. of less than average or normal height or depth, as a liquid, stream, etc.
12. reduced to the least height, depth, or the like: low tide.
13. lacking in strength or vigour; feeble; weak.
14. affording little strength or nourishment, as diet.
15. small in amount, degree, force, etc.: a low number.
16. having a small amount of a particular constituent: low-calorie diet.
17. Cards having smaller value than another card.
18. denoted by a low number: a low latitude (one near the equator).
19. assigning or attributing no great amount, value, or excellence: a low estimate of something.
20. depressed or dejected: low spirits.
21. far down in the scale of rank or estimation; humble: low birth.
22. of inferior quality or character: a low type of intellect.
23. lacking in dignity or elevation, as of thought or expression.
24. concealed; unnoticeable: to lie low.
25. grovelling or abject; mean or base: a low trick.
26. coarse or vulgar: low company.
27. Biology having a relatively simple structure; not complex in organisation.
28. Music produced by relatively slow vibrations, as sounds; grave in pitch.
29. not loud: a low murmur.
30. relatively late or recent, as a date.
31. holding to Low-Church principles and practices.
32. Phonetics pronounced with the tongue held relatively low in the mouth: 'hot' has a low vowel.
33. Motor Vehicles of or relating to low-transmission gear ratio.
-- adverb
34. in or to a low position, point, degree, etc.