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  Dictionary Definition of lot

1. one of a set of objects drawn from a receptacle, etc., to decide a question or choice by chance.
2. the casting or drawing of such objects as a method of deciding something: to choose a person by lot.
3. the decision or choice so made.
4. allotted share or portion.
5. the portion in life assigned by fate or providence, or one's fate, fortune, or destiny.
6. a distinct portion or piece of land; plot: a parking lot.
7. Chiefly US. a piece of land forming a part of a district, city, or other community.
8. Film the site used for film-making, as the studios, locations, etc.
9. a distinct portion or parcel of anything, as of merchandise.
10. a number of things or persons collectively.
11. Colloquial a person of a specified quality, usually negative: a bad lot ; a mean lot.
-- verb (t) ( lotted, lotting )
12. to divide or distribute by lot.
13. to assign to someone as their lot; allot.
14. to divide into lots, as land.
-- phrase
15. a fat lot of..., ( ironic ) a great deal of...
16. a lot, a. to a considerable degree; much: That is a lot better. b. a great many or a great deal: a lot of books.
17. the lot, a. the entire amount or quantity. b. Prison Colloquial a life sentence.
18. throw in one's lot with, to give one's entire support to.
[ME; OE hlot, akin to G Los, Icel. hlutr, Goth. hlauts ]
Lot [1]
noun Bible the nephew of Abraham. His wife was changed into a pillar of salt for looking back during their flight from Sodom. Genesis 13:1-12, 19.