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  Dictionary Definition of losses

1. detriment or disadvantage from failure to keep, have, or get: to bear the loss of a robbery.
2. that which is lost.
3. amount or number lost.
4. a being deprived of or coming to be without something that one has had: loss of friends.
5. a bereavement.
6. the accidental or inadvertent losing of something dropped, misplaced, or of unknown whereabouts: to discover the loss of a document.
7. a losing by defeat, or failure to win: the loss of a bet.
8. a failure resulting in a waste of time, resources, etc.: That meeting was a complete loss.
9. failure to preserve or maintain: loss of speed.
10. destruction or ruin: the loss of Coventry Cathedral in World War II.
11. Commerce. failure to recover the costs of a transaction or the like, in the form of benefits derived.
12. Military a. the losing of soldiers by death, capture, etc. b. ( often plural ) the number of soldiers so lost.
13. Insurance a. occurrence of a risk covered by a contract of insurance so as to result in insurer liability. b. that which causes such a loss. c. an example of such a loss.
-- phrase
14. a dead loss, a. a complete failure. b. an utterly useless person or thing.
15. at a loss, in a state of bewilderment or uncertainty.
16. at a loss for, completely lacking: to be at a loss for words.
[ME; OE los destruction, c. Icel. los breaking up; akin to LOSE ]