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  Dictionary Definition of lose

verb ( lost, losing )

-- verb (t)
1. to come to be without, by some chance, and not know the whereabouts of: to lose a ring.
2. to suffer the loss or deprivation of: to lose one's life.
3. to be bereaved of by death: to lose a child.
4. to fail to keep, preserve, or maintain control of: to lose one's balance.
5. to cease to have: to lose all fear.
6. to bring to destruction or ruin (now chiefly in the passive): ship and crew were lost.
7. to have slip from sight, hearing, attention, etc.: to lose a face in a crowd.
8. to become separated from and ignorant of (the way, etc.).
9. to leave far behind in a pursuit, race, etc.
10. to use to no purpose, or waste: to lose time in waiting.
11. to fail to have, get, catch, etc.; miss: to lose an opportunity.
12. to fail to win (a prize, stake, etc.).
13. to be defeated in (a game, lawsuit, battle, etc.).
14. to cause the loss of: The delay lost the battle for them.
15. to let (oneself) go astray; become bewildered: to be lost in a wood.
16. to absorb or engross in something to the exclusion of knowledge or consciousness of all else (usu. used reflexively or in the passive): to be lost in thought.
-- verb (i)
17. to suffer loss: to lose on a contract.
18. to lose ground, fall behind, or fail to hold one's own, as in a race or other contest.
19. to fail to win, as in a contest; be defeated.
-- phrase
20. lose face, to lose prestige or dignity by having an error or foolish action made public.
21. lose one's head, to behave irrationally or out of character.
22. lose one's heart to, to form a deep emotional attachment to.
23. lose one's nerve, to become afraid to do something.
24. lose out, Colloquial (often followed by to ) to be defeated or bettered: I lost out to my rival.
25. lose out on, Colloquial to fail to achieve (a goal, etc.): I lost out on that deal.
26. lose sleep over, to worry about excessively.
[ME lose ( n ), OE -leosan; replacing ME lese ( n ), OE -leosan (cf. choose, replacing chese ), c. G ( ver ) lieren. See LOSS ]