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  Dictionary Definition of loose

adjective ( looser, loosest )
1. free from bonds, fetters, or restraint: to get one's hand loose.
2. free or released from fastening or attachment: a loose end.
3. uncombined, as a chemical element.
4. not bound together, as papers or flowers.
5. not put in a package or other container: loose mushrooms.
6. unemployed or unappropriated: loose funds.
7. wanting in retentiveness or power of restraint: a loose tongue.
8. lax, as the bowels.
9. free from moral restraint, or lax in principle or conduct.
10. wanton or unchaste: a loose woman.
11. not firm or rigid: a loose tooth, a loose rein.
12. not fitting closely, as garments.
13. not close or compact in structure or arrangement; having spaces between the parts, or open: a loose weave.
14. (of earth, soil, etc.) not cohering: loose sand.
15. not strict, exact, or precise: loose thinking.
16. free from restraining conditions or factors: The Commonwealth of Nations is a loose association of sovereign states.
17. Cricket (of a ball) inaccurate and easily hit by the person batting.
-- noun
18. Rugby Football a loose scrummage: Pick the ball up in the loose.
-- adverb
19. in a loose manner; loosely.
20. so as to become free from restraint, independent, etc.: He cut loose from his family.
-- verb ( loosed, loosing )
-- verb (t)
21. to let loose, or free from bonds or restraint.
22. to release, as from constraint, obligation, penalty, etc.
23. Chiefly Nautical to set free from fastening or attachment: loose a boat from its moorings.
24. to unfasten, undo, or untie, as a bond, fetter, or knot.
25. to shoot, or let fly.
26. to make less tight; slacken or relax.
27. to render less firmly fixed, or loosen.
-- verb (i)
28. to let go a hold.
29. to weigh anchor.
30. to shoot or let fly an arrow, etc.
-- phrase
31. on the loose, a. free from restraint. b. on a spree. c. (of women) living by prostitution.
32. the loose head, Rugby Football