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  Dictionary Definition of long

1. Crawford Williamson, 1815--78, US surgeon; pioneered the use of ether as an anaesthetic.
2. Joan Dorothy, Australian film producer and scriptwriter.
3. Lionel, Australian folk singer and actor.
4. Sydney, 1871--1955, Australian painter and etcher.
long [1]
adjective ( longer , longest )

1. having considerable or great extent from end to end; not short: a long distance.
2. having considerable or great extent in duration: a long visit.
3. having many items; of more than average number: a long list.
4. having considerable or great extension from beginning to end, as a series, enumeration, account, book, etc.; not brief.
5. having a specified extension in space, duration, etc.: ten metres long.
6. continuing too long: a long speech.
7. beyond the normal extension in space, duration, quantity, etc.: a long match.
8. extending to a great distance in space or time: a long memory.
9. broad; taking in all aspects: a long look at his future.
10. having a long time to run, as a promissory note.
11. not likely: a long chance.
12. relating to the longest of several or the longer of two: I'll take the long one.
13. concentrated; intense: taking a long look at his faults.
14. (of drinks) of considerable or great quantity; thirst-quenching rather than intoxicating, as a diluted alcoholic drink.
15. Chiefly Law distant or remote in time: a long date.
16. relatively much extended: a long reach.
17. tall.
18. (of the head or skull) of more than ordinary length from front to back.
19. Phonetics a. lasting a relatively long time: 'feed' has a longer vowel than 'feet' or 'fit'. b. belonging to a class of sounds considered as usually longer in duration than another class.
20. Commerce a. owning some commodity or stock. b. depending for profit on a rise in prices.
21. Gambling a. of an exceptionally large difference in proportional amounts on an event: long odds. b. of or relating to the larger number in the odds in betting.
22. Cricket in the field, near the boundary; deep.
-- noun
23. something that is long.
-- adverb
24. for or through a great extent of space or, especially, time: a reform long advocated.
25. for or throughout a specified extent, especially of time: How long did he stay?
26. (in elliptical expressions) gone, occupying, delaying, etc., a long or a specified time: Don't be long.
27. (for emphasis, after nouns denoting a period of time) throughout the whole length: all summer long.
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