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  Dictionary Definition of log

1. an unhewn portion or length of the trunk or a large limb of a felled tree.
2. something inert or heavy.
3. Nautical a. a device for determining the speed of and distance covered by a ship. b. Also, chip log. a device consisting of a chip ( logchip ) attached to the end of a line ( logline ) thrown over the stern to measure the speed of a ship. c. Also, patent log. an instrument indicating speed and distance which is secured to a ship's railing, and usually operated by a propeller-like implement on the end of a line trailing astern.
4. a. the official record which a ship's master is obliged by law to keep, of particulars of a ship's voyage, as weather, crew, cargo, etc. b. the record which the engine-room and bridge officers keep of the particulars of each watch.
5. Also, flightlog. a listing of navigational, meteorological, and other significant data concerning an air journey.
6. any similar record of a journey.
7. the register of the operation of a machine.
8. a record kept of development during the drilling of a well, especially of the geological formations penetrated.
9. a submission or listing: the trade union's log of claims.
10. Nautical Colloquial a slow boat.
11. Colloquial a marijuana cigarette.
12. Also, log of wood. Colloquial a fool; a lazy person.
-- verb ( logged, logging )
-- verb (t)
13. to cut (trees) into logs.
14. to cut down trees of (an area, forest, etc.) for timber.
15. a. to enter in a ship's log. b. to record in a ship's log a punishment given to (a seaman).
16. Chiefly Nautical to travel (a distance) according to the indication of a log.
17. to record in an aeroplane's log (the number of hours spent in the air).
18. (of a trade union) to submit a set of claims to (an employer): All publishers were logged whether or not they employed unionists.
-- verb (i)
19. to cut down trees and get out logs from the forest for timber.
-- phrase
20. log on, to record the commencement of work, etc., especially of computing.
21. log up, to complete the amount of work, distance travelled, etc., stated.
22. the logs, Convict Obsolete Colloquial a gaol; prison.
[ME logge; apparently var. of lug pole (see LUGSAIL )]