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  Dictionary Definition of loft

1. the space between the underside of a roof and the ceiling of a room beneath it.
2. a gallery or upper level in a church, hall, etc., designed for a special purpose: a choir loft.
3. hayloft.
4. US. any upper storey of a warehouse, mercantile building, or factory, especially of buildings designed for small, light industries.
5. Golf a. the slope of the face of a club backwards from the vertical, tending to drive the ball upwards. b. the act of lofting. c. a lofting stroke.
-- verb (t)
6. Golf to slant the face of (a club).
7. Golf, Cricket, etc. to hit (a ball) into the air or over an obstacle.
8. to clear (an obstacle) thus.
9. US. to provide (a house, etc.) with a loft.
-- verb (i)
10. Golf, Cricket, etc. to loft the ball.
[ME lofte, late OE loft, from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. lopt the air, sky, an upper room; akin to LIFT ]