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  Dictionary Definition of load

1. that which is laid on or placed in anything for conveyance.
2. the quantity that can be or usually is carried, as in a cart; this quantity taken as a unit of measure or weight.
3. anything upborne or sustained: the load of fruit on a tree.
4. something that weighs down or oppresses like a burden.
5. the amount of work required of a person, machine, organisation, etc.
6. the charge of a firearm.
7. ( plural ) Colloquial a great quantity or number: loads of people.
8. the weight supported by a structure or part.
9. Electricity the power delivered by a generator, motor, power station, or transformer (often followed by on ).
10. Electricity, Physics the resistance or impedance connected to a network containing a source or sources of electromotive force.
11. Mechanics the external resistance overcome by an engine, dynamo, or the like, under a given condition, measured by the power required.
12. Colloquial an infection of venereal disease, usually gonorrhoea.
13. Colloquial a sufficient quantity of liquor drunk to intoxicate.
-- verb (t)
14. to put a load on or in: to load a cart.
15. to supply abundantly or excessively with something: to load a person with gifts.
16. to give bias to, especially by fraudulent means.
17. to weigh down, burden, or oppress.
18. to add to the weight of, often fraudulently, as metals.
19. to make (dice) heavier on one side than on the others by fraudulent means so as to cause them to fall with a particular face upwards.
20. Insurance to increase (a net premium, etc.). See loading (def. 6).
21. to take on as a load: a vessel loading coal.
22. to charge (a firearm, camera, etc.)
23. to add additional material to (concrete) containing elements of high atomic number, especially iron or lead, for use in shielding a nuclear reactor.
24. to improve the surface of paper by adding china clay, titanium dioxide or barium sulfate.
-- verb (i)
25. to put on or take on a load.
26. to load a firearm, camera, etc.
27. to become loaded.
28. to enter a means of conveyance: the football fans loaded into special buses.
-- phrase
29. get a load of, Colloquial a. to look at; observe. b. to listen; to hear.
30. load the dice, to place in an especially favourable or unfavour