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  Dictionary Definition of line

line [1]
1. a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc., on a surface.
2. something resembling a traced line, as a band of colour, a seam, a furrow, etc.: lines of stratification in rock.
3. a furrow or wrinkle on the face, etc.
4. something arranged along a line, especially a straight line; a row or series: a line of trees.
5. a row of people standing side by side or one behind another.
6. a row of written or printed letters, words, etc.: a page of thirty lines.
7. a verse of poetry.
8. ( plural ) the spoken words of a drama, etc., or of an actor's part: The hero forgot his lines.
9. a ploy; deceit: He gave me the old line about working late.
10. a short written message: a line from a friend.
11. an indication of demarcation; boundary; limit: to draw a line between right and wrong.
12. a course of action, procedure, thought, etc.: the Communist Party line.
13. a piece of useful or pertinent information: Get a line on his activities during the war.
14. a course of direction; route: the line of march.
15. Colloquial a bush road.
16. a continuous series of persons or animals in chronological succession, especially in family descent: a line of great kings.
17. ( plural ) outline or contour: a ship of fine lines.
18. ( plural ) plan of construction, action, or procedure: two books written on the same lines.
19. ( plural ) Brit. Colloquial a certificate of marriage.
20. a department of activity; a kind of occupation or business: What line is your father in?
21. a. any transport company or system. b. a system of public conveyances, as buses, steamers, etc., plying regularly between places.
22. a strip of railway track, a railway, or a railway system.
23. Electricity a wire circuit connecting two or more pieces of electrical apparatus.
24. TV. one scanning line.
25. Fine Arts a mark from a crayon, pencil, brush, etc., in a work of graphic art, which defines the limits of the forms employed and is used either independently or in combination with modelling by means of shading.
26. Mathematics. a continuous extent of length, straight or curved, without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point.
27. a straight line drawn from an observed object to the fovea of the eye: line of sight.
28. Cricket the direction of th