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  Dictionary Definition of leg

1. one of the members or limbs which support and move the human or animal body.
2. this part of an animal, especially lamb or veal, used as meat to roast, bake, etc.
3. that part of the limb between the knee and the ankle.
4. something resembling or suggesting a leg in use, position, or appearance.
5. that part of a garment, such as a stocking, trousers, or the like, which covers the leg.
6. one of the supports of a piece of furniture.
7. one of the sides of a pair of dividers or compasses.
8. one of the sides of a triangle other than the base or hypotenuse.
9. a timber, bar, etc., serving to prop or shore up a structure.
10. one of the distinct portions of any course: the last leg of a trip.
11. Nautical a. one of the series of straight runs which make up the zigzag course of a sailing ship. b. one straight or nearly straight part of a multiple-sided course in a sailing race.
12. Sport a. one of a number of parts of a contest, each of which must be completed in order to determine the winner. b. a stage or given distance in a relay race.
13. Cricket the leg side.
-- verb ( legged, legging )
-- verb (t)
14. Obsolete to propel (a boat) through a canal tunnel by means of pressing two feet against the top and sides of the tunnel.
-- adjective
15. Cricket of or relating to the leg side: leg slip ; leg stump.
-- phrase
16. a leg up, a. assistance in climbing or mounting. b. any assistance.
17. break a leg, Colloquial a. (an expression of good luck to someone about to go on stage). b. ( usually negative ) to hurry excessively: Well, don't break a leg getting there.
18. leg it, Colloquial to walk or run.
19. not have a leg to stand on, not to have any good justification for one's beliefs, actions, etc.
20. pull someone's leg, to make fun of; tease.
21. shake a leg, Colloquial to hurry up.
22. show a leg, to make an appearance.
[ME, from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. leggr ]
-- legless, adjective