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  Dictionary Definition of leak

1. an unintended hole, crack, or the like by which fluid, gas, etc., enters or escapes.
2. any avenue or means of unintended entrance or escape, or the entrance or escape itself.
3. Electricity a point where current escapes from a conductor, as because of poor insulation.
4. the act of leaking.
5. an accidental or apparently accidental disclosure of information, etc.
6. Colloquial an act of passing water; urination.
-- verb (i)
7. to let a liquid, gas, etc. enter or escape, as through an unintended hole, crack, permeable material, or the like: the roof is leaking.
8. to pass in or out in this manner, as water, etc.: gas leaking from a pipe.
9. Colloquial to pass water; urinate.
-- verb (t)
10. to let (fluid, etc.) leak in or out.
11. to disclose (information, especially of a confidential nature), especially to the media.
-- phrase
12. leak out, to transpire or become known undesignedly.
[ME leke, from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. leka drip, leak, c. MD leken ]