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  Dictionary Definition of lay

lay [1]
verb ( laid, laying )

-- verb (t)
1. to put or place in a position of rest or recumbency: to lay a book on a desk.
2. to bring, throw, or beat down, as from an erect position: to lay a person low.
3. to cause to subside: to lay the dust.
4. to allay, appease, or suppress.
5. to smooth down or make even: to lay the nap of cloth.
6. to bury.
7. to bring forth and deposit (an egg or eggs).
8. to deposit as a wager; stake; bet: I'll lay you ten to one.
9. to place, set, or cause to be in a particular situation, state, or condition: to lay hands on a thing.
10. to place before a person, or bring to a person's notice or consideration: He laid his case before the commission.
11. to put to; place in contiguity; apply: to lay a hand on a child.
12. to set (a trap, etc.).
13. to place or locate (a scene): The scene is laid in France.
14. to present, bring forward, or prefer, as a claim, charge, etc.
15. to impute, attribute, or ascribe.
16. to impose as a burden, duty, penalty, or the like: to lay an embargo on shipments of oil.
17. to bring down (a stick, etc.), as on a person, in inflicting punishment.
18. to dispose or place in proper position or in an orderly fashion: to lay bricks.
19. to set (a table).
20. to form by twisting strands together, as a rope.
21. to place on or over a surface, as paint; cover or spread with something else.
22. to devise or arrange, as a plan.
23. Nautical to head a ship towards (an object or compass point), especially on the closest course it will make to the wind.
24. to adjust a gun for direction and elevation before firing.
25. to put (dogs) on a scent.
26. Colloquial to have sexual intercourse with.
-- verb (i)
27. to lay eggs.
28. to wager or bet.
29. Nautical to take a specified position.
-- noun
30. the way or position in which a thing is laid or lies.
31. (in ropemaking) the quality of a fibre rope characterised by the degree of twist, the angles formed by the strands and by the fibres in the strands.
32. a share of the profits or the catch of a whaling or fishing voyage, distributed to officers and crew.
33. Colloquial a. a person considered as a sex object: \plai