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  Dictionary Definition of lasts

noun Clifford Frank, 1918--91, Australian sculptor and art teacher, born in England; noted for his woodcarvings and his influence on the development of modern sculpture in Victoria.
last [1]
1. occurring or coming latest, or after all others, as in time, order, or place: the last line on the page.
2. latest; next before the present; most recent: last week.
3. being the only remaining: one's last penny.
4. final: in his last hours.
5. conclusive: the last word in an argument.
6. utmost; extreme.
7. coming after all others in importance.
8. coming after all others in suitability or likelihood.
9. Ecclesiastical extreme or final, as to a dying person (applied to the sacraments of penance, viaticum, and extreme unction collectively).
-- adverb
10. after all others.
11. on the most recent occasion.
12. in the end; finally; in conclusion.
-- noun
13. that which is last.
14. Colloquial the final mention or appearance: to see the last of that woman.
15. the end or conclusion.
-- phrase
16. at last ; at long last, after much has intervened.
17. breathe one's last, to die.
18. on one's last legs, on the verge of collapse.
[ME last, latst, syncopated var. of latest, OE latost, lŠtest, super. of lŠt late]