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  Dictionary Definition of large

adjective ( larger, largest )

-- adjective
1. being of more than common size, amount, or number.
2. of great scope or range; extensive or broad: large powers.
3. on a great scale: a large producer.
4. grand or pompous.
5. Obsolete generous.
6. Obsolete (of the wind) free; fair.
-- noun
7. Music the longest note in medieval music; equal to eight semibreves: |==|.
-- adverb
8. Nautical before the wind; with the wind free or on the quarter, or in such a direction that all sails will draw.
-- phrase
9. at large, a. at liberty; free from restraint or confinement: The murderer is at large. b. at length; to a considerable length: to discourse at large on a subject. c. as a whole; in general: the country at large.
10. in large ; in the large, on a large scale: viewed in the large.
[ME, from OF, from L larga, fem. of largus abundant, liberal]
-- largeness, noun