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  Dictionary Definition of lag

lag [1]
verb (i) ( lagged, lagging )
1. to decrease, wane, or flag: His interest in the project is lagging.
2. Marbles to throw one's shooting marble towards a line on the ground in order to decide on the order of play.
3. Billiards (in deciding the order of play) to drive the cue ball to the end cushion and return, the winner being the one who comes nearest to the head rail.
-- noun
4. a lagging or falling behind; retardation.
5. Mechanics the amount of retardation of some movement.
6. Engineering the interval by which a periodic signal follows another signal with the same period.
7. Marbles, Billiards the act of lagging.
-- phrase
8. lag behind, to fall behind; hang back.
[Scand.; cf. Norw. lagga go slowly]