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  Dictionary Definition of kite

1. a light frame covered with some thin material, to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string.
2. any of various medium-sized hawks of the family Accipitridae with long wings and tail as the black kite, Milvus migrans of Eurasia, Africa and Australia.
3. a person who preys on others; a sharper.
4. Nautical a. any light sail that is usually spread in light winds, and furled in a strong breeze. b. Colloquial a spinnaker.
5. Commerce. a fictitious negotiable instrument, not representing any actual transaction, used for raising money or sustaining credit.
6. Colloquial an aeroplane.
7. Colloquial a hang-glider.
8. Colloquial a cheque, especially one forged or stolen.
9. Prison Colloquial a newspaper.
-- verb ( kited, kiting )
-- verb (i)
10. Colloquial to fly or move with a rapid or easy motion like that of a kite.
11. Commerce. to obtain money or credit through kites.
-- verb (t)
12. Commerce. to employ as a kite.
-- phrase
13. fly a kite, Colloquial a. to pass off a forged cheque. b. to test public opinion by spreading rumours, etc.
[ME kyte, OE cyta; akin to G Kauz kind of owl]