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  Dictionary Definition of ills

adjective ( worse, worst )

1. physically disordered, as the health; unwell, sick, or indisposed.
2. evil, wicked, or bad: ill repute.
3. objectionable, unsatisfactory, poor, or faulty: ill manners.
4. hostile or unkindly: ill feeling.
5. unfavourable or adverse: ill luck.
6. unskilful; inexpert.
-- noun
7. evil.
8. harm or injury.
9. a disease or ailment.
10. trouble or misfortune.
11. Archaic. wickedness or sin.
-- adverb
12. in an ill manner; wickedly.
13. unsatisfactorily or poorly: ill at ease.
14. in a hostile or unfriendly manner.
15. unfavourably or unfortunately.
16. with displeasure or offence.
17. faultily or improperly.
18. with trouble, difficulty, or inconvenience: buying a new car is an expense we can ill afford.
[ME ill, from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. illr ill, bad]