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  Dictionary Definition of ice

1. the solid form of water, produced by freezing; frozen water.
2. the frozen surface of a body of water.
3. any substance resembling this: camphor ice.
4. ice-cream.
5. a frozen dessert made of sweetened water and fruit juice.
6. reserve; formality.
7. Colloquial a diamond or diamonds.
-- verb ( iced, icing )
-- verb (t)
8. to cover with ice.
9. to change into ice; freeze.
10. to cool with ice, as a drink.
11. to refrigerate with ice.
12. to make cold as if with ice.
13. to cover (cakes, etc.) with icing.
14. to kill; murder.
-- verb (i)
15. to freeze.
-- adjective
16. of ice.
-- phrase
17. break the ice, Colloquial a. to overcome initial formality and reserve at a social occasion (as with friendliness or humour). b. to be the first to undertake a particular action.
18. cut no ice, Colloquial (often followed by with ) to make no impression; be unconvincing: His excuses cut no ice with me.
19. ice up, to become covered with ice.
20. on ice, waiting or in readiness: He kept the project on ice for some time.
21. on thin ice, in a risky or delicate situation.
[ME is ( e ), OE is, c. G Eis ]
-- iceless, adjective -- icelike, adjective