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  Dictionary Definition of how

how [1]
1. in what way or manner; by what means: How did it happen?
2. to what extent, degree, etc.: How much?
3. by what unit: How do you sell these apples?
4. in what state or condition: How are you?
5. for what reason; why.
6. to what effect or with what meaning: How do you mean?
7. (used in an emphatic construction): How well I remember.
-- conjunction
8. concerning the condition or state in which: she wondered how she appeared to a stranger.
9. concerning the extent or degree to which: I don't mind how long you take.
10. concerning the means or way in which: It worried him how she got to work.
11. in whatever manner: Come how you like.
-- noun
12. a question beginning with 'how'.
13. Colloquial way or manner of doing: to consider the hows of a problem.
-- phrase
14. and how, Colloquial very much indeed; certainly.
15. how about..., (used to suggest an activity to someone else) what about...: How about a cup of tea?
16. how about that!, (an exclamation of surprise, sometimes ironic, or of triumph).
17. how come?, Colloquial how did this happen; why?
18. hows and whys, the details of the implementation of a proposal.
19. how's that?, a. what is the explanation of that? b. Also, howzat? Cricket (an appeal by the fielding side to the umpire to declare the person batting to be out).
20. how's that for..., (an exclamation used to highlight a specified characteristic): How's that for stamina!
21. how's things?, (a form of greeting).
22. how's tricks?, (a form of greeting).
[ME hou, how, OE hu, c. D hoe; akin to WHO ]