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  Dictionary Definition of hour

1. a space of time equal to one 24th part of a mean solar day or civil day; 60 minutes.
2. a short or limited period of time.
3. a particular or appointed time: his hour of triumph.
4. the present time: the man of the hour.
5. any definite time of day, or the time indicated by a timepiece: what is the hour?
6. ( plural ) time spent in work, study, etc.: after hours, office hours.
7. ( plural ) customary time of going to bed and getting up: to keep late hours.
8. distance normally covered in an hour's travelling.
9. Astronomy a. a unit of measure of right ascension, etc., representing 15 degrees, or the 24th part of a great circle. b. See sidereal hour.
10. a single period of class instruction.
11. ( plural ) Ecclesiastical a. the seven stated times of the day for prayer and devotion, the canonical hours. b. the offices or services prescribed for these times. c. a book containing them.
-- phrase
12. one's hour, a. death; the time to die. b. a crucial moment.
13. the small hours, the hours immediately following midnight.
[ME ure, ore, hore, from OF, from L hora time, season, hour, from Greek; akin to YEAR ]