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  Dictionary Definition of hot

adjective, hotter, hottest, adverb, verb, hotted, hotting, noun

-- adjective
1. having or communicating heat; having a high temperature: a hot stove.
2. having a sensation of great bodily heat; attended with or producing such a sensation.
3. (of drinks sold in bottles or cans) not chilled.
4. having an effect as of burning on the tongue, skin, etc., as pepper, mustard, a blister, etc.
5. having or showing intense feeling; ardent or fervent; vehement; excited: hot temper.
6. lustful.
7. violent, furious, or intense: the hottest battle.
8. strong or fresh, as a scent or trail.
9. new; recent; fresh: hot off the press.
10. following very closely; close: to be hot on one's heels.
11. (of colours) with red predominating.
12. Games close to the sought-for object or answer.
13. Colloquial fashionable and exciting.
14. currently popular: the hot favourite in a race ; a hot sales item.
15. (of motor cars) tuned or modified for high speeds: a hot rod.
16. Jazz a. arousing, or capable of arousing, enthusiasm and admiration; intense; compulsive. b. (of a musician) playing such music.
17. Colloquial recently stolen or otherwise illegally obtained; wanted by the police.
18. radioactive, especially to a degree injurious to health.
-- adverb
19. in a hot manner; hotly.
-- phrase
20. a bit hot, unfair; dishonest; high-priced.
21. blow hot and cold, change attitudes frequently; vacillate.
22. go hot and cold all over ; go all hot and cold, to experience, or exhibit signs of, shock or embarrassment.
23. have the hots for, Colloquial to experience a strong sexual attraction for: to have the hots for Sadie.
24. hot and bothered, upset; flustered; exasperated.
25. hot as Hades, Colloquial very hot.
26. hot as Hay, Hell and Booligal, Colloquial very hot.
27. hot under the collar, angry; annoyed.
28. hot up, a. to heat: to hot up the milk. b. to escalate: he hotted up his attack. c. to stir up: to hot things up a bit. d. to tu