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  Dictionary Definition of hop

hop [1]
verb, hopped, hopping, noun

-- verb (i)
1. to leap; move by leaping with all feet off the ground.
2. to spring or leap on one foot.
3. to make a flight or trip.
4. US Colloquial (of an aeroplane, etc.) to leave the ground in beginning a flight (often followed by off ).
5. Colloquial to dance.
6. to limp.
7. Colloquial to go, come, move, etc.: I'll just hop along to the shop.
8. Colloquial to board or alight from a car, train, etc. (fol. by in, on or off ).
-- verb (t)
9. Colloquial to jump off (something elevated), or over (a fence, ditch, etc.)
10. Colloquial (of an aeroplane, etc.) to cross by a flight.
-- noun
11. an act of hopping; short leap.
12. a leap on one foot.
13. Colloquial a flight of an aeroplane.
14. Colloquial a dance, or dancing party.
-- phrase
15. hop into, Colloquial a. to set about something energetically: He hopped into the job at once. b. to put (clothes) on briskly: He hopped into his cossie.
16. hop into bed, (often followed by with ) to have casual sex.
17. hop it, Colloquial to go away; leave.
18. hop to, to come or act quickly: hop to it.
19. hop up and down, Colloquial to express agitation.
20. on the hop, a. unprepared. b. busy, moving.
[ME hoppen, OE hoppian, c. G hopfen ]