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  Dictionary Definition of hit

verb, hit, hitting, noun, adjective

-- verb (t)
1. to deal a blow or stroke; bring forcibly into collision.
2. to come against with an impact or collision, as a missile, a flying fragment, a falling body, or the like does.
3. to reach with a missile, a weapon, a blow, or the like (intentionally or otherwise), as one throwing, shooting or striking; succeed in striking.
4. to drive or propel by a stroke.
5. to have a marked effect on; affect severely.
6. to assail effectively and sharply.
7. to reach (a specified level or figure).
8. to be published in or appear in (a newspaper).
9. to come or light upon; meet; find: to hit the right road.
10. to guess correctly.
11. to succeed in representing or producing exactly: to hit a likeness in a portrait.
12. to arrive at: to hit town.
13. to begin to travel on: to hit the trail.
14. to demand or obtain money from: the building company hit me for a thousand dollars.
15. Colloquial to inject any form of drugs.
-- verb (i)
16. to deal a blow or blows.
-- noun
17. an impact or collision, as of one thing against another.
18. a stroke that reaches an object; blow.
19. Fencing a point scored by a touch with the tip of the blade of a foil or épée, or the edge of the blade of a sabre, against any part of the opponent's body in the target (def. 5).
20. Backgammon. a. a game won by a player after his or her opponent has thrown off one or more men from the board. b. any winning game.
21. a successful stroke, performance, or production; success: the play is a hit.
22. an effective or telling expression or saying; gibe; taunt.
23. Colloquial a shot of heroin or any drug; a fix.
-- adjective
24. successful; achieving popularity.
-- phrase
25. hit for six, a. Cricket (of the person batting) to strike (the ball) so that it lands outside the playing area, the stroke being worth six runs. b. to confuse or disturb greatly: The bad news hit him for six.
26. hit home, to make an impact or impression upon.
27. hit it off, Colloquial to get on well together; agree.
28. hit off, to make a beginning; commence.
29. hit on ; hit upon, to come upon unexpectedly; find by chan