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  Dictionary Definition of hip

hip [1]
noun, verb, hipped, hipping.

-- noun
1. the projecting part of each side of the body formed by the side of the pelvis and the upper part of the femur, with the flesh covering them; the haunch.
2. the hip joint.
3. Architecture the inclined projecting angle formed by the junction of a sloping side and a sloping end, or of two adjacent sloping sides, of a roof.
-- verb (t)
4. to injure or dislocate the hip of.
5. Architecture to form (a roof) with a hip or hips.
-- phrase
6. have someone on the hip ; have someone upon the hip, to have (someone) at a disadvantage.
[ME; OE hype, c. G Hüfte ]
-- hipless, adjective -- hiplike, adjective