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  Dictionary Definition of hill

1. a conspicuous natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain.
2. an artificial heap or pile: anthill.
3. a little heap of earth raised about a cultivated plant or a cluster of such plants.
-- verb (t)
4. to form into a hill or heap.
5. to bank up (a plant, etc.) with earth.
-- phrase
6. as old as the hills, Colloquial very old.
7. over the hill, past prime efficiency; past the peak of physical or other condition, etc.
8. take to the hills, to run away and hide.
9. the hill, an open area of ground for sport spectators paying the cheapest admission price, especially an area at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, and, formerly, the area in front of the scoreboard at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
[ME; OE hyll, c. MD hille; akin to L collis hill, columen top, columna COLUMN ]
-- hiller, noun
1. Alfred Francis, 1870--1960, Australian composer, conductor and violinist.
2. Clement, 1877--1945, Australian Test cricketer, captained the team in 1910--11 and 1911--12.
3. David, born 1946 in England, Australian public service administrator; managing director of the ABC 1986--95.
4. Dorothy, born 1907, Australian geologist and academic.
5. Ernestine, 1899--1972, Australian writer; author of The Territory (1951) and the novel My Love Must Wait (1941).
6. Fidelia, 1790?--1854, Australian poet, born in England; wrote Poems and Recollections of the Past (1840), probably the first book of poetry by a woman published in Australia.
7. James Jerome, 1838--1916, US railway builder and financier, born in Canada.
8. Lance ( lot ) Leonard , 1902--86, Australian motor mechanic who invented the rotary clothes hoist.
9. Lionel Laughton, 1881--1963, Australian state Labor politician; premier of SA 1926--27 and 1930--33.
10. Mirrie Irma, 1892--1986, Australian composer.
11. Octavia, 1838--1911, English social reformer.
12. Sir Rowland, 1795--1879, English inventor; originator of the penny postage.
13. ( John ) Sinclair Leslie, born 1935, Australian polo player.