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  Dictionary Definition of here

1. in this place; in this spot or locality (opposed to there ): put it here.
2. to or towards this place; hither: come here.
3. at this point; at this juncture: here the speaker paused.
4. (often used in pointing out or emphasising some person or thing present): my friend here knows the facts.
5. present (used in answer to rollcall, etc.).
6. in the present life or state.
-- noun
7. this place.
8. this world; this life.
-- phrase
9. here and now, at this very moment; immediately.
10. here and there, a. in this place and in that; in various places; at intervals. b. hither and thither; to and fro.
11. here goes!, (an exclamation to show one's resolution on beginning some bold or unpleasant act.)
12. here's to, (a formula in offering a toast): Here's to you!
13. here today and gone tomorrow, (of someone or something) staying in one place for only a short time.
14. here we are ; here you are, Colloquial here is what we (or you) want, or are looking for.
15. here we go again!, (an exclamation indicating exasperation or resignation at a course of action about to occur yet once again.)
16. neither here nor there, irrelevant; unimportant.
17. the here and now, a. the immediate present. b. this world; this life.
[ME; OE her, c. D and G hier, Icel. and Goth. her; from the demonstrative stem represented by HE ]
noun Hera.