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  Dictionary Definition of heel

heel [1]
1. (in humans) the back part of the foot, below and behind the ankle.
2. an analogous part in other vertebrates.
3. either hind foot or hoof of some animals, as the horse.
4. the part of a stocking, shoe, or the like, covering the heel.
5. a solid part of wood, rubber, etc., attached to the sole of a shoe, under the heel.
6. the part of the palm of a hand or glove nearest the wrist.
7. something resembling the human heel in position, shape, etc.: heel of bread.
8. the latter or concluding part of anything: heel of a session.
9. Botany the older basal part of a shoot removed from a plant which usually produces roots readily when planted.
10. Nautical a. the after end of a ship's keel. b. the lower part of a mast, a boom, a sternpost, a rafter, etc.
11. the crook in the head of a golf club.
12. Colloquial a despicable person; cad.
-- verb (t)
13. to furnish with heels, as shoes.
14. to perform (a dance) with the heels.
15. Golf to strike (the ball) with the heel of the club.
16. Rugby Football to kick (the ball) through or out of the scrum with the heel.
17. to follow at the heels of.
18. to arm (a gamecock) with spurs.
-- verb (i)
19. to follow at one's heels.
20. to use the heels, as in dancing.
21. Rugby Football to heel the ball.
-- phrase
22. at one's heels, close behind one.
23. cool one's heels ; kick one's heels, Colloquial to be kept waiting, especially as deliberate policy.
24. dig one's heels in, to maintain an immovable position in debate, etc.; be stubborn.
25. down at heel, a. having the shoe heels worn down. b. shabby. c. slipshod or slovenly. d. in straitened circumstances; impoverished.
26. heel in, to plant cuttings or plants temporarily before putting them in their permanent growing site.
27. kick up one's heels, to enjoy oneself.
28. lay by the heels, to capture; seize.
29. on the heels of, closely following.
30. show a clean pair of heels, to escape by outdistancing pursuers.
31. take to one's heels, to run off or away.
32. to heel, a. (of a dog) following a pers