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  Dictionary Definition of heave

verb, heaved or ( Chiefly Nautical ) hove, heaving, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to raise or lift with effort or force; hoist.
2. to lift and throw, often with effort or force: to heave an anchor overboard.
3. Nautical a. to haul, draw, or pull, as by a cable. b. to cause (a ship) to move in a certain direction.
4. to utter laboriously or painfully: to heave a sigh.
5. to cause to rise and fall with or as with a swelling motion.
6. to raise or force up in a swelling movement; force to bulge.
7. Geology to cause a horizontal displacement in (a stratum, vein, etc.). See heave (def. 15).
-- verb (i)
8. to rise and fall with or as with a swelling motion.
9. to breathe with effort; pant.
10. to vomit; retch.
11. to rise as if thrust up, as a hill; swell or bulge.
12. Nautical a. to haul or pull, as at a cable; to push, as at the bar of a capstan. b. to move a ship, or move as a ship does, by such action. c. to move or go ( about, ahead, etc.).
-- noun
13. the act of heaving.
14. (of the sea) the force exerted by the swell.
15. Geology a. the horizontal component of the apparent displacement resulting from a fault, measured in a vertical plane perpendicular to its strike. b. a displacement of the floor of a mine, caused by the weight of the pillars, or simply by excavation and release of stress.
-- phrase
16. heave ho!, (an exclamation used by sailors when heaving the anchor up, etc.)
17. heave in sight, to rise into view as from below the horizon, as a ship.
18. heave to, Nautical a. to stop the headway of (a vessel), especially by bringing the head to the wind and trimming the sails so that they act against one another; to stop (a vessel). b. to stop a vessel in this manner: we hove to at night for safety. c. (of a vessel) to be stopped in this manner: the ferry hove to.
[ME heve ( n ), OE hebban (pret. hof, hefde, pp. hafen ), c. G heben; akin to L capere take]